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I have been music-meme tagged with the letter P! But I couldn't pick 10. Only 9. There were too many runners-up for the last spot.

Pageant - René Dupéré
This was one of the tracks Cirque du Soleil put up for free once, to get people to buy the album. I was going to buy it anyway, but it still totally worked.

Patzivota - Violaine Corradi
More Cirque. Relaxing and chanty and longish and big.

Peace Beneath the City - Iron & Wine
This is one of the manymany things I have grabbed from Motel de Moka-- it's on the list there. Put it on while you're doing something else, like cleaning maybe. It's a good one to be surprised by when you're not really paying attention.

Peaches Are Tasty - I Have OPINIONS!!!
I like eating them.

Pin Drop - Patrick Crosley
At the time of the original posting, the creator mentioned that this song came to him in a manic episode or whatever they're called. Somewhere between then and now, he removed it from the internet. I don't know why.

Playing Super Mario World While Taking Mushrooms - Shnabubula
This one is just silly.

Polka Loca - Songs To Wear Pants To
This one's pretty silly too.

Pork and Beans - Walt Ribeiro
Orchestral version is orchestral. The original only exists so this one could be invented.

Prologue ~To the Ancient Land~ - Koh Ohtani
Game music you don't have to be a gamer to appreciate. Except y'all all are.

Psalm - Frode Haltli
Another Motel de Moka grab. (Scroll down to the big number 2.) Music to rationalize your decision to take a nap by. Or sob wildly, if something sad has happened to you recently.

So comment, and I will assign you a letter of your very own!

Also, Dreamwidth is in closed beta. I didn't get in. But that was not a surprise. Go, and use your LJ to make an OpenID account, so you can comment on posts by about a dozen or so people that say things like "Gosh, we're in beta!" And add icons! I have.
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