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This is my third year with this thing and the volume has NEVER worked properly.

G4, OS 10.2.8

There are three available methods of volume control: keyboard keys, toolbar icon, and System Preferences' Sound panel. Sometimes, all three of these work equally well. Not often-- but sometimes.

Most of the time, though, only the System Preferences will actually affect the volume level in the way I tell it to, or at all. On the other two, it is common for lowering the volume to do nothing at all, and increasing the volume to instantly set it on maximum. Mute, however, always works great on any of the 3.

Anyway: ANNOYING! Of course the one way that works is the most tedious one. Open up all the windows, click all the little tabs. Raagh.

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...Atsumara kodchaara, atsumora itstava, atsumira ichellaaaa~ C:

....Staaaava-- Okay, anyhow.

So I tried my VERY HARDEST not to give Best Buy any more business, but they were absolutely the only store in town that actually had the KÀ soundtrack which I HAD TO HAVE. :C Mall: bah. Barnes & Noble? Amazingly, even more deserving of bah. (Ours doesn't have that nice little music section; it has a little shelf 2 feet wide.). Circuit City: Not sure why I went there, since their website clearly states that none of them carry it. Hastings: Close! And so then there were no other places.

I went there and it was not only on the shelf, but it was only $14.


...But it's mine now, and I'm loving the heck out of it. It's probably the most general-audience approachable CD of theirs I've ever heard. I'm used to having to listen to them two or three times before I'm sure I even like it all that much, so this one was a surprise. XD Anyway, though, good stuff, and as always a few REALLY quality tracks. I'm Yousendit-ing it all now, so lemme know if you want the links~!

(I also love Koudamare, #3. Man.)


Sep. 28th, 2005 11:19 pm
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Why, Gmail? Why do you think I need 100 invites? I couldn't give them away when I had 6!

I spilled a whole bunch of rubber cement in my bag this morning, too! I had to just... CARRY my notebooks and stuff around while it dried. Argh. Fortunately, now it's really really easy to clean up. It just shrivels up into little gray rubber cement goobers, leaving the bag perfectly clean. :D I was really late to class, but many worse spills could have been made.

This post ended up getting kinda long. )
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This is the self-test my Intro to Graphic design professor gave us. Keep in mind each question had the multiple choice answers 'Almost Always' through 'Never,' worth 1-5 points, respectively:

2-minute Creative IQ Test(TM) for Individuals

A. Are you quick to find fault with ideas--your own or those of others?

B. How frequently fo [sic] you get attached to how things are done?

C. How often do you hold back from mentioning something for fear of looking silly or being "wrong"?

D. Do you ever have the tendency to stop at your first good idea?

E. How many ideas do you tend to generate--good or bad--when tackling a project?

So. Fine. But it's so selective and short, no one would seriously speak of the results of this test as authoritative?

And since some of the 'wrong' answers indicate other positive traits, like efficiency, or concern with quality or detail, it wouldn't make sense to make a student who scored, say, an 11, feel necessarily inferior?

And if they must do that, then it becomes a question of tact, and one would not have students reveal their score range to the rest of the class, resulting in pointless ego-stroking for the 20's-ers and publicly humiliating assessments like
-"14-16? You guys are above average-- but just barely".
Or worse, my bracket: "Hm."

Surely not.



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