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there's actually a mildly hilarious story that came from that


so, apparently Jason played Bialystock in the L.A. company of The Producers, across from Martin Short as Bloom

and one night, in the scene where Roger replaces Franz as Hitler

Jason kept trying to get "Marty's" attention saying, "Leo! Leo!" (you know, as part of the scene)

but Marty just kept staring off into space for some reason

Jason continues, "Leo! Leo! Leo? Marty!!"


And he breaks out of his stupor and says, "You know, if John Kennedy were alive today... he would be like 76 years old"


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:39 am
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Driving around the neighborhood earlier this morning, I saw a lot of cars parked around the front of one house. At first I thought it must be some really, really long-running Halloween party, but then I saw a bunch of stuff sitting out on the lawn, like shoes and boxes full of dolls and stuff. Ah, yes, Saturday morning is garage sale time! So I parked in an empty spot and started browsing.

The shoes were kinda boring and okay. Didn't really look at the dolls. A BlackJack II box caught my eye, but it had everything except the phone in it. It even had the sim card. WTF, I thought, I hope you got everything off that first. Not that I get why I'm supposed to want this box full of manuals and installation CDs anyway.

So there was another big cardboard box with office supply-type stuff, which I looked at, and saw that it had a sketchbook in it. More specifically, it had someone's sketchbook in it. I looked, and it had been drawn in already. I thought it might only be the first few pages, but no, every single one was full. I couldn't get my head around it. Are the drawings themselves supposed to be valuable? They're not even good.

Under the sketchbook was another similar sketchbook. Under that was a single issue of some teen magazine. A lot of this, I thought, is just trash. They're just trying to get people to throw their stuff away for them. I got a little indignant. No respect. People don't understand how we do things around here. Adfjrlgjakjhlkf. I finally put the sketchbook down and moved on.

There wasn't much else there. I did see, near the house itself, dozens and dozens of photographs spread out and lying directly on the grass. A man was sitting in a lawn chair with a photo album in his hand, and a stack of others beside him, peeling the pictures out one at a time, with a weak-adhesive-breaking noise, and laying them face up on the ground. A woman, probably the wife, was fixing or straightening them somehow.

This, at last, was too weird. I caught someone's attention, and asked, in my world-famous, gold medal-winning Innocently Confused Voice, "I-is this not a garage sale?"

"No," a teenage daughter explained. "We just had a fire."
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Spent a free day at a nice park last weekend with my brother. We watched butterflies mating, and ducks failing at mating, and stuff like that. But the point is that as we were leaving we crossed paths with a young mom and her 6(?)-year-old kids, and the daughter was running all over the place and kinda on a collision course with us, and when her mom told her "Don't run into the people, sweetheart," a magical thing happened. Her response was:

"They're probably dead!"

That's it. Just as unperturbed as could be. Like, "They won't mind!" It's cool, mom. They're probably dead. I have not been so pleased with something I've heard someone else say in a long time. I vowed to use it in the future to express my lack of concern over wronging someone else in whatever way.

It bugged me that I couldn't imagine what she must have been watching or reading lately that would make her say that-- but now I think it would spoil the magic. So if you know, you can brag that you know, but don't actually tell me.
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...And a Happy New Year! :D

Alright, let's cut to the chase:
-Final Fantasy III
(I didn't even know I wanted this game after the review warned me of ALL RANDOM BATTLES, ALL THE TIME, but it turns out I did! :D It's adoooorable, everyone go get it. Also, it was important to me, for reasons known only to God, that the main guy be named Minnow. And so he is. Minnow, Earl, Lapis and Cliff! Together we are the WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT! I love finding all the little secret things and I care about what happens to everybody. It's so sweet.)
-An amaaaaazingly good-smelling candle :O
-Lossa choclit
-Some money
-A Christmas miracle )

I had a little box of bandaids that look like strips of bacon to give as a stocking stuffer, BUT I FORGOT. UGH.

Finally, in the tradition of me loving music videos that start with D, here are two more, which I present without comment or description. If you don't like whichever one you watch first, try the other one-- it'll be nothing like it.
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Been awhile since I put up anything entertaining, so here: Tetrod! Every time I go it devours me.

I got a call just now from some energy company claiming they could lower my rates significantly while still leaving all the actual labor/visitation/service to my current company (?), and when they got to the ID verification part, everything checked out except the first name they had listed. That name... was Ruby Jean.

...What? Nobody in my entire family has a name like that.
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SN of Megan (7:58:40 PM): and I also stole a copy of karaoke revolution
SN of Brenna (7:58:49 PM): ooooh~
SN of Megan (7:58:52 PM): and by steal I mean borrown
SN of Megan (7:58:56 PM): borrow
SN of Megan (7:58:56 PM): haha

borrown: v; bǒr' ōn. To come into possession of under false pretenses; to own in practice and not theory.

I still haven't made my 3 extra icons! I can't believe me!
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*ringity ringity ring*

*ringity ringity ring*

*ringity ringi-*


''Hello! How are you?'' )


It was kinda fun!
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" Los Angeles, where the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man was visiting! And then they sent for the Ghostbusters."

"Oh, no!" :(

"And then... there was a girl who turned into a gargoyle!"

"I didn't remember that."

"Oh, yes.

... "And then they went to..." *flip* "Coconut Grove. And had... coconuts! With marshmallows. And water. To drink. But that's saltwater, so they all died.

And held a séance with W. C. Fields, who came back to life.

Then they went to..."
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Okay, I'm out the door, but I have to post about this call.

This AOL guy calls and does the whole WE HAVE NEW NINE POINT OH, IS GREAT, YOU TRY FOR FREE PLEASE and I was like Nah.

And he says CLEARLY YOU ARE SIMPLY UNAWARE OF HOW GREAT IT IS, HERE, YOU LISTEN (only scripted, and with an accent that made him only occasionally intelligible).

And I was like, No, I've already got an ISP I'm happy with, I'm sorry, but Thank You, but NO I TELL YOU YOU TRY FOR FREE. YOU COMPARE!

And at this point I'm noticing that his intonation is exactly-- exactly the same as the computer voice on the weather channel, which I realize is hard to imagine with the way I've written him talking, but it was uncanny. And he was just not getting the hint, poor earnest dear, so I said Look, thank you, but seriously okay? No.

And his tone changes and he goes: "..... Okay."
Disappointed is the emotion coming across here! Mystified by my abrupt rudeness! As if a social conversation was what was going on here!

So I finished with an "Um. Yeah." and I heard "Okay ˘_˘" and he hung up. The ˘_˘ was totally spoken.

Poor guy's not cut out to be a telemarketer.


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