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I found an apartment to move into! This will happen next Saturday! I don't have pictures, because I don't have a camera, because no cameras on earth are any good, but it is kind of small with nice high ceilings and two floors and I like it very much and I want to move into it now.


Another thing I want is to use this photo in a layout somehow. The colors are great.


I've noticed lately I have some song or other stuck in my head, not just occasionally, but at all times. It's reminding me of how, after going a while without eating, your body will start breaking down its own fat for food... I'm thinking maybe I don't get out and experience new things enough and my brain is being forced to eat itself.

Or maybe my luck at not having health problems is finally starting to run out. Or maybe it's not new at all but I just now started noticing it and thinking of it as a problem. Is it one?

I feel like I should think so, for some reason, which means I kind of do, but I don't know. If I just look at it like "Laa, my magical playful brain" then life is good without me having to do anything about it.

But I'm not actually any good at deciding what I should think about something and making that happen. So.
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I just remembered what I was going to post the other day:

I was at the mall, poking around/looking for where my possible new workplace was going to be located (ABOUT WHICH MORE LATER!), when I saw... two... little... goth Muslim girls. They were in full-on Hot Topic layered shirts skinny-leg jean mode, and the black headscarves just went so perfectly with the whole ensemble it blew my mind. I'm so glad I didn't have a camera on me because I would have been too tempted to try to get a picture and they would have totally seen me. But do try to picture it.
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The 3rd was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I got jewelry and cake.

On the 4th I lost my poor Zen.

Godspeed, Blue, my faithful one. May whoever picked you up and didn't return you love you well. We had such wonderful times.


So now I want to just build my own, or rather pay to have it built, I guess, since I don't really like any of the commercial models well enough. (None of them have gray screens anymore! I reject color screens. They keep turning off, and who needs that.) However, preliminary research suggests that the results are likely to be ghetto in the extreme. No matter! I will keep the dream alive! A built-in USB plug that tucks into the case and swings out or something maybe! Wood inlay around the sides!
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For I have bought a car again!

I was gonna take a picture but it pretty much looks exactly like this, so.

And uhhhh I need to get on Tegaki more. :[
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Last night I was looking at the sky and saw just this one... event? of what was probably just lightning, but I'm having fun not being convinced and pretending it was something else. Anyway, the big soft cloud-filling kind, not the bolt kind. And it was in little spots that just came and went within the same general area of cloud, rather than flickering.

It was really pretty :D

Also, I graduated... 5 1/2 weeks ago now?


Sep. 22nd, 2006 03:00 am
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You guyyyyyyys :(

A snake got into my apartment! It's kind of tiny and shy and almost certainly non-poisonous, but-- SNAKE. SHARING MY LIVING SPACE.

I repeat, I'm not afraid of being attacked mercilessly by the thing in my sleep. But man, first it was the roaches, then the earthworm coming up the bathroom sink drain (???), then the Pretty Big Spider, and now we have graduated to REPTILES. It's getting a little ridiculous.

But whatever. I satisfied myself that he was not dangerous, I got over it, I named him* and went on with my life. Until I started picturing myself getting up in the middle of the night for a drink of water or whatever, and stepping on him in the dark where he thought he was safe, and him biting the heck out of my toe. So I decided he had to go. I went back and started trying to catch him (cue "AAAAAAAAAHH *flail*") and finally got him within a foot of the door-- and do you know what? SUDDENLY he stops going along the carpet and starts heading... down into it. At first I'm like, "Oh, I guess the carpet is deeper there" or whatever, but more and more of him starts disappearing until finally, he's entirely gone. I started poking furiously at the place with a pencil, about his thickness, and I can find not even the beginnings of a hole.

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So my car's had this problem where the steering wheel jiggles back and forth. Wasn't a control issue, but it made things very, very bumpy. Worrisome. And it'd been getting progressively worse to where, today, it felt like I was driving on at least one flat tire.

Well, SOMETHING was wrong with the right front tire after all because today it exploded. On the way to the tire place. Well, on the way back home to look up where the tire place was exactly, because I'd originally gone out just assuming I'd come across it and didn't. So anyway, nobody was hurt, nothing dangerous, but there I am sitting out on the inner shoulder getting a shortsleeve tan, knowing I don't have a spare tire and finding it odd how completely without a clue I am as to what to do. I called a few friends who don't actually have cars, before I remembered that about them; I stared at the gas stations barely over a street away, not knowing how good of an idea it was to just leave the thing alone; and I ended up just sitting on the hood for a while (catcall count: 2), trying to think. A motorcyclist entertained all and sundry by doing a wheelie and staying in it all the way down the road. I had thought of some friends with cars, but I didn't know how to tell them where I was.

I knew for sure, though, that I wasn't going to be stopped for. I never see anyone stop for people; I never stop for people-- waiting for stoppers was not on the plan list. And then within five minutes a lady had pulled over.

Read more... )

Remind me to post the Cameron Park story too, someday!
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I finally cooked that sweet & sour chicken that's been sitting in my freezer since the beginning of last semester, and MAN! It tastes great. Not to mention the box (typo: bokes*) contains a small mountainful of food. I'm gonna go have some for dinner now.

Also, I've finally been organizing my picture folders and cleaning up my desktop, which had 600+ unsorted photos and so many icons that some of them actually overlapped each other, respectively. I've still got a ways to go on the former, but since a lot of them are multiple attempts at the same shot, it isn't really like I have to look at that many hundreds of them. Heh!

WARNING: A lined-paper sketchdump may result from sheer manageability.

(*Might be the Chaucer Blog on the brain still, although I'm sure it's not correct there either.)

My Saturday

Oct. 9th, 2005 10:16 am
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1. Get flat tire changed.

2. Drive out in search of mall, nature store, shiny rocks.

3. Completely fail to find it.

4. Stop in at Best Buy to clarify directions, resolved meanwhile not to buy anything from them as they are a truly icky establishment.

5. Get good and clarified. Think to self, Might as well look around!

6. Discover Lost in Blue is out!

7. Give in after a truly unimpressive struggle, and buy it.

Lost in Blue is SO FUN! :D It takes me back to the old Oregon Trail days. Fire-building! Spear fishing! Plus gender stereotypes! )

Your POST-HOC FALLACY O' THE DAY comes from the D&D session later that night, when I sang my bard song and immediately people actually started rolling better. Whoo!


Sep. 28th, 2005 11:19 pm
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Why, Gmail? Why do you think I need 100 invites? I couldn't give them away when I had 6!

I spilled a whole bunch of rubber cement in my bag this morning, too! I had to just... CARRY my notebooks and stuff around while it dried. Argh. Fortunately, now it's really really easy to clean up. It just shrivels up into little gray rubber cement goobers, leaving the bag perfectly clean. :D I was really late to class, but many worse spills could have been made.

This post ended up getting kinda long. )
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Current cartoon guilty pleasures: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Chalk Zone. Avatar is, of course, the guiltier of the two, but it's fun to see someone trying to do invented foreign cultures! :D (Biggest flaw: insults thrown by characters are poorly writen and unconvincing! ...Okay, so maybe that's just a facet of the one-trait-per-person characterization in general, but I'm desensitized to most of that already, and they insult each other so much!) And Chalk Zone is just so imaginative and cute, and it has fun music and the episodes are about 10 minutes long. Whee!

Also I have a JOBBIE! I cashier and organize WALLFULS of pillowcases!... and things. I answer to Too Good for Actual Managerial Duties Manager, Good Ol' Nice Manager, and Endless Tasks For Me on the Floor Manager. Also, they play all these well-known songs but they use versions that are performed by the wrong people! :C Oh, well. Replacement DS and Tiger for me by the end of the summer! And maybe some JEWELRY although I would probably buy too much of that.


May. 10th, 2005 12:00 am
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So my scholarship? The one keeping me in school and off the streets like a useless hobo? And the meeting with the guy in charge of it?

Yeah. That lasted about five minutes. He kept cutting me off while I was trying to get in all my sympathy-inspiring stories! :0 BUT, it turned out not to matter because he was like, Yeah. Whatever issues you had, you've obviously gotten over them now. Here, have some money.




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