May. 1st, 2009 08:49 pm
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I... made a picture?

And I decided a background would detract from this picture.
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Well, it's true what they say about LJ, isn't it? All right, all right. A little less Jinjo, a little more Jinjo-brand entertainment!


I did this in class this morning while some visiting artist lady (that the professor let us go see instead of having class :3) was demonstrating her technique. That technique was: taping vine charcoal to the end of a yardstick and taking a half-hour to do an angular structural underlay. She seriously wouldn't get on with it until she saw people drawing along with her. But it was fun to get to do again, since scheduling did not, and will not, allow me to take another figure drawing course. :(

And that's drapery, covering her toe.
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I'm double-clicking on each letter, by use of the Character Palette, in which there is no Space or backspace. (Other than this ( )'d part, added later when I switched to Word's more comprehensive Insert Symbol, every space was copied and pasted by hand. Line breaks are a result of pasting my paragraphs into/over pre-formatted ones.) Why? I'm cleaning my keyboard. All the keys are out.

Surprisingly, despite not being cleaned in 3 years and having food eaten over it all the time, it's stayed pretty decent. The biggest problem is actually pencil shavings. Go figure.
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Tailsteak, who I greatly enjoy watching, does not have a Livejournal.

Therefore, his Batgirls-- all FOUR of his lovely Batgirls-- were most likely to go unnoticed.


...I, uh, don't have any of my own. Whatever.
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So the point is: Google "[Name] needs", and post the first 10 results.

1) So I definitely think that once this test thing is over and done with, Brenna needs to have a chatty blog that I can keep up with.
2) Brenna's needs come first.
(I swear! I put it in quotes and everything, I don't know how the 's got in there!)
3) Ryder is there when Brenna needs him during her version of the High Noon show-down in the halls of academia.
4) Brenna needs to determine dimensions for buying posters.
5) With eye-catching, red pigtail braids, Groovy Girl Brenna needs a wardrobe just as unique
This was a doll and they didn't have it anymore! :C
6) On this night, Brenna needs her halo cleaned
7) If Brenna needs her help, in any way, she's going to get it.
8) To Brenna's boss: Brenna needs a raise.
9) Brenna needs beer...NOW!!
10) Anybody Who voted they do not love Brenna needs To die the death Of Freddy Krueger - with none Of the afterlife benefits.

HOWEVER! I found doing this through Google Talk to be much more fun. Plus you get to watch it spell it out one word at a time.
brenna needs A New Kind Of Blue stars around Black Hole.

Wait, never mind, it keeps repeating the same one! So, it wasn't as much fun as I thought it was going to be.

This is the dumbest entry ever, and so I will show you some insects that have decided to live near me!
A preying mantis!
An albino ladybug!
An interesting grey beetle!
Compelling video footage of the grey beetle taking a stroll!
And finally, the tackiest of the tacky in belt buckles. Also a video.


Oct. 3rd, 2005 11:53 pm
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Nothin' much today, just a tabloid cover I thought you all might enjoy.

I certainly liked it!
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In my DESPERATE inner search for a good new AIM sn, I resorted to: Pictionary cards.

You know. Pick one card, arrange some of the words on it. I didn't find anything I liked... :c Most of them were more suited, in the tradition of Dave Barry, to be A Great Name For a Rock Band. I got such interesting things as Pine Jockey, Keyhole Nursery, Noise Pit, and Illegible Stencil Dwarf.

But I discovered that's a nice way to get inspiration for.... things. I don't know.

....One day I'm going to bust out with the HUGEST Interests list of ALL TIME and you're all going to be amazed.
Or, I could do them one at a time, adding a new one every day!

and 3,
This, at work, seemed like something people might enjoy. For a minute. (It's a pillow, get it?)

Oh, and I moved into my apartment at school. C: Yay!


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