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I went to a rock and mineral show last weekend and bought pretties!

I am very proud of them. )
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The 3rd was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! I got jewelry and cake.

On the 4th I lost my poor Zen.

Godspeed, Blue, my faithful one. May whoever picked you up and didn't return you love you well. We had such wonderful times.


So now I want to just build my own, or rather pay to have it built, I guess, since I don't really like any of the commercial models well enough. (None of them have gray screens anymore! I reject color screens. They keep turning off, and who needs that.) However, preliminary research suggests that the results are likely to be ghetto in the extreme. No matter! I will keep the dream alive! A built-in USB plug that tucks into the case and swings out or something maybe! Wood inlay around the sides!
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For I have bought a car again!

I was gonna take a picture but it pretty much looks exactly like this, so.

And uhhhh I need to get on Tegaki more. :[
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After a few months of being cheap careful deliberation and comparison shopping, I have bought this laptop.


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...And a Happy New Year! :D

Alright, let's cut to the chase:
-Final Fantasy III
(I didn't even know I wanted this game after the review warned me of ALL RANDOM BATTLES, ALL THE TIME, but it turns out I did! :D It's adoooorable, everyone go get it. Also, it was important to me, for reasons known only to God, that the main guy be named Minnow. And so he is. Minnow, Earl, Lapis and Cliff! Together we are the WARRIORS OF THE LIGHT! I love finding all the little secret things and I care about what happens to everybody. It's so sweet.)
-An amaaaaazingly good-smelling candle :O
-Lossa choclit
-Some money
-A Christmas miracle )

I had a little box of bandaids that look like strips of bacon to give as a stocking stuffer, BUT I FORGOT. UGH.

Finally, in the tradition of me loving music videos that start with D, here are two more, which I present without comment or description. If you don't like whichever one you watch first, try the other one-- it'll be nothing like it.
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And it came to pass that her mother descended from the north and visited her. And after they had made their feast upon chicken and pasta they did reach the end of their pilgrimage, and the antique shops received them with gladness and thanksgiving.

Then they saw that the shops were filled with Beanie Babies, ceramic roosters, and all manner of Brighton accessories, and their hearts were saddened and their faces downcast. And they grumbled among themselves, saying, "We came to this city seeking wonders, to be had for less than an hour's wages! How is it that we have not found anything?" So they despaired, and she began to collect things she did not want, to ease her sorrow.

Then her mind was restored, and she exclaimed, "I do not need this bowl with Chinese dragons, though it be only a dollar, nor these cobalt glass bottles either!" For she had seen in a mirror the account of Knormal and understood its truths.

So it came to pass that she looked with merriment at the tray of rhinestone belt buckles the size of index cards,
And lo, she did discover and purchase a randomly intriguing brass medallion thingy for too much money. And her soul was at rest, and she had the remains of the feast of chicken and pasta laid up for another day.
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There was a cantaloupe ice cream flavor at the store just now! It's pretty yummy. Chunks the size of... of... I don't know what. Really large acorns.

Also, my broken digital camera has done the technologically impossible:

It has healed.



To celebrate, my newest piece of happy jewelry, which I am having a harder and harder time not thinking of as a real live luck charm.

The camera loves you, baby~ )
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Well-- Christmas was had by most, I guess! I feel lame posting it this late, but you can still take my Merry Christmas and use it to remember the 25th more fondly than you would have otherwise. :)

After the hallowed holiday tradition of The Muppet Christmas Carol (best version there is, if you ask me!), I got a buttload (metric: 1.25558 whole lots) of candy, and a connect-the-dots book! ...And a blank journal with a crackly cover, and some fuzzy socks, and a necklace. But yeah, with the California thing-- which interested no one, I notice!-- there wasn't a lot of presents money. Relatives-money, though, went toward an attractive new coat (and will continue to do so, since there is much tailoring to be done)! Mmmm, shiny new coat. It's gray nubby couch-type fabric, with this paisley wallpapery pattern in peacock blue. :3 I can't wait till it stops looking ridiculous on me. Oh, how I'll strut down the sidewalk in it!

And then I started talking about Animal Crossing again )


Jul. 7th, 2005 10:03 pm
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Chocolate cake with raspberry sauce for meee! :D

Also, the presents shakedown... )
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Current cartoon guilty pleasures: Avatar: The Last Airbender and Chalk Zone. Avatar is, of course, the guiltier of the two, but it's fun to see someone trying to do invented foreign cultures! :D (Biggest flaw: insults thrown by characters are poorly writen and unconvincing! ...Okay, so maybe that's just a facet of the one-trait-per-person characterization in general, but I'm desensitized to most of that already, and they insult each other so much!) And Chalk Zone is just so imaginative and cute, and it has fun music and the episodes are about 10 minutes long. Whee!

Also I have a JOBBIE! I cashier and organize WALLFULS of pillowcases!... and things. I answer to Too Good for Actual Managerial Duties Manager, Good Ol' Nice Manager, and Endless Tasks For Me on the Floor Manager. Also, they play all these well-known songs but they use versions that are performed by the wrong people! :C Oh, well. Replacement DS and Tiger for me by the end of the summer! And maybe some JEWELRY although I would probably buy too much of that.


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