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*WARNING: Large images under the cut*

Gathering books for a presentation, I found a poem someone had written in the very very back blank pages. Look up "doozy" in the dictionary, and you will find a picture of... )
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Seriously, what are they? I was using the Random Journal feature (, and the titles of two in a row were the same quote.



EDIT: I felt bad, so I padded the entry a little-- but ONLY a little.

I got this bag of Hershey's Treasures, and it is my new favorite bag of mixed candies. There's chocolate full of chocolate, chocolate full of caramel, and chocolate full of peanut butter. There are NO bad flavors! Not even any not-as-good flavors! Oh-- so nice.

Also, in Metal Sculpture they have this thing called a plasma cutter, which lets you cut steel into freehand shapes. I want you to appreciate that this is not an exaggeration: it is like cutting warm butter. It makes me feel SO powerful and totally not afraid of this class anymore. Which is good, because-- I really was.
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This is the self-test my Intro to Graphic design professor gave us. Keep in mind each question had the multiple choice answers 'Almost Always' through 'Never,' worth 1-5 points, respectively:

2-minute Creative IQ Test(TM) for Individuals

A. Are you quick to find fault with ideas--your own or those of others?

B. How frequently fo [sic] you get attached to how things are done?

C. How often do you hold back from mentioning something for fear of looking silly or being "wrong"?

D. Do you ever have the tendency to stop at your first good idea?

E. How many ideas do you tend to generate--good or bad--when tackling a project?

So. Fine. But it's so selective and short, no one would seriously speak of the results of this test as authoritative?

And since some of the 'wrong' answers indicate other positive traits, like efficiency, or concern with quality or detail, it wouldn't make sense to make a student who scored, say, an 11, feel necessarily inferior?

And if they must do that, then it becomes a question of tact, and one would not have students reveal their score range to the rest of the class, resulting in pointless ego-stroking for the 20's-ers and publicly humiliating assessments like
-"14-16? You guys are above average-- but just barely".
Or worse, my bracket: "Hm."

Surely not.



May. 10th, 2005 12:00 am
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So my scholarship? The one keeping me in school and off the streets like a useless hobo? And the meeting with the guy in charge of it?

Yeah. That lasted about five minutes. He kept cutting me off while I was trying to get in all my sympathy-inspiring stories! :0 BUT, it turned out not to matter because he was like, Yeah. Whatever issues you had, you've obviously gotten over them now. Here, have some money.


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One week left of school-- count 'em, ONE-- and Mom sends me this *huge* amount of snack food. Two cases of Capri Sun, two boxes of microwave popcorn, two king-size boxes of Junior Mints, and a thing of Pepperidge Farm Fancycookies (chocolate chip and macadamia nut :3). There's only one package of those, but since the cookies are about the diameter of a softball, I think I'll be all right. XD

You know something? I realized that the "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish" song shares the same bit of melody at the beginning of its verses as Avril Lavigne's "Complicated." So anytime I start humming the one, I always get the other stuck in my head instead, and it makes me angry!


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