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I found an apartment to move into! This will happen next Saturday! I don't have pictures, because I don't have a camera, because no cameras on earth are any good, but it is kind of small with nice high ceilings and two floors and I like it very much and I want to move into it now.


Another thing I want is to use this photo in a layout somehow. The colors are great.


I've noticed lately I have some song or other stuck in my head, not just occasionally, but at all times. It's reminding me of how, after going a while without eating, your body will start breaking down its own fat for food... I'm thinking maybe I don't get out and experience new things enough and my brain is being forced to eat itself.

Or maybe my luck at not having health problems is finally starting to run out. Or maybe it's not new at all but I just now started noticing it and thinking of it as a problem. Is it one?

I feel like I should think so, for some reason, which means I kind of do, but I don't know. If I just look at it like "Laa, my magical playful brain" then life is good without me having to do anything about it.

But I'm not actually any good at deciding what I should think about something and making that happen. So.


Mar. 31st, 2008 11:25 am
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They need to come up with a ceremony, or rite of passage, or even just decide on an age, for when you're allowed to call adults by their first names. I still feel weird doing that sometimes.
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Funny, I thought people would have at least SOMETHING to say to that last one. :o

Anyway, since people are not finding it too late to make Pirates 2 posts, I shall add my own!

Watch first, read on later!!! D: )
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Wow, I just bought the biggest bag of mini-Reese's ever. Almost $10, for what claims to be 60 oz. of candy. (...Well! It tastes good, and I needed chocolate, and I was at Sam's.)

The bottle collection is growing nicely as well. I did a quick, lazy count just now and can safely say I have somewhere just over 100 of them. This is why there have been no new pictures. When I only had like 20 I didn't mind the idea of spending a few minutes taking a few photos, but now? Eesh.

ARGH, why is all I have to offer pictures of bottles anyway? I want to produce something more creative but I don't know what. :X I have a lot of little snippety ideas-- character sets, scenes, what have you-- but I'm so terrible about coming up with actual full-length plots, and what if they're all too self-inserty anyway, and-- blaaarggh. People who have managed to accomplish this, how did you do it?
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Johari-fy me! :D Go on, it won't take long!


I've been hearing this song (took me awhile to find one with no popups!) on the radio-- and despite really liking the sound of it, it recently started bugging me. :[ It finally occurred to me that this is because it's really only a love song to her own feelings of love, not to another person. Go look at it. There is not one phrase praising the actual beloved himself, rather an admiration of her own admiration-- the implication being, of course, "...and aren't you lucky to have it?"

Now I'm going to be listening for how many other songs are like this. :\
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I was driving back home today and I noticed one of those plasticardboard signs nailed to a telephone pole advertising tarot readings. I actually looked at it for a second, because I thought it might be neat to go and do one of those things, someday, just to see. But then I saw they were 10.99 a session and I was like Psssh! Forget it.

I tried to justify that reaction, though, and I couldn't do it. I realized I had no idea how to judge the fairness of that price. And then I started wondering, where does that number come from, anyway? If I go and have a reading done, what has she given me $11 worth of? Labor? Time? Cosmic awe?

What costs does she have in this business? I guess there's leasing the place, but seriously. Candles? I can't really figure it out. It seems like, essentially, after the one-time cost of a deck you should be good to go.

Hey, maybe this is what I should do for a living :O
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A couple of weeks ago-- or maybe just one-- I was out taking a walk in my neighborhood and I started hearing some classic rock being played across the street, like somebody was throwing a party. So I went over to go watch, or something (...I don't know o_o), but as I got to where it sounded like it was coming from, I couldn't hear it anymore. I kept walking for a bit, thinking maybe it was just between songs or something, but no! I started to hear it coming from a couple of streets further down.

So I kept walking, and as I got closer to where it sounded like it was coming from, it got louder, until I got within about 100 feet or so of it, and then it was gone again. So I kept walking, and I started to hear it again...

Long story medium, this happened about 2 or 3 more times until I ended up at the freeway and called it quits. As I walked back home, the same thing happened behind me all the way. It kept sounding like I had just passed the house that was playing all the music, not that I was ever approaching it.

It was weird, guys.


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