May. 1st, 2009 08:49 pm
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I... made a picture?

And I decided a background would detract from this picture.
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Dreamwidth open beta in 1 hour 40 minutes. (Remember, Dreamwidth?) Go go go!

Limited edition permanent accounts! Regular ones not much money at all! You know you want to be in with the cool people. I can vouch people will friend you like crazy if you just ask!

EDIT: Five invite codes to be had! Come one, come all!
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I was kinda agonizing over whether to have a made-up username or my real one, and honestly was counting on NOT being randomly invited and having till the 30th to decide. BUT I DIDN'T! and... I am complaining? I guess not. Mostly I felt sort of bad for any future Brennas that might come along, especially if I end up not posting as much as some hypothetical AWESOME INTERNET BRENNA who has to make do with some derivative thereof.


Okay I have to go out for the evening bye.
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Okay, I didn't expect to enjoy anyone's April Fool shenanigans all that much today, but well done OCRemix.
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I found an apartment to move into! This will happen next Saturday! I don't have pictures, because I don't have a camera, because no cameras on earth are any good, but it is kind of small with nice high ceilings and two floors and I like it very much and I want to move into it now.


Another thing I want is to use this photo in a layout somehow. The colors are great.


I've noticed lately I have some song or other stuck in my head, not just occasionally, but at all times. It's reminding me of how, after going a while without eating, your body will start breaking down its own fat for food... I'm thinking maybe I don't get out and experience new things enough and my brain is being forced to eat itself.

Or maybe my luck at not having health problems is finally starting to run out. Or maybe it's not new at all but I just now started noticing it and thinking of it as a problem. Is it one?

I feel like I should think so, for some reason, which means I kind of do, but I don't know. If I just look at it like "Laa, my magical playful brain" then life is good without me having to do anything about it.

But I'm not actually any good at deciding what I should think about something and making that happen. So.
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I went to a rock and mineral show last weekend and bought pretties!

I am very proud of them. )
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I have been music-meme tagged with the letter P! But I couldn't pick 10. Only 9. There were too many runners-up for the last spot.

Clickoo )

So comment, and I will assign you a letter of your very own!

Also, Dreamwidth is in closed beta. I didn't get in. But that was not a surprise. Go, and use your LJ to make an OpenID account, so you can comment on posts by about a dozen or so people that say things like "Gosh, we're in beta!" And add icons! I have.
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there's actually a mildly hilarious story that came from that


so, apparently Jason played Bialystock in the L.A. company of The Producers, across from Martin Short as Bloom

and one night, in the scene where Roger replaces Franz as Hitler

Jason kept trying to get "Marty's" attention saying, "Leo! Leo!" (you know, as part of the scene)

but Marty just kept staring off into space for some reason

Jason continues, "Leo! Leo! Leo? Marty!!"


And he breaks out of his stupor and says, "You know, if John Kennedy were alive today... he would be like 76 years old"

Before bed

Jan. 25th, 2009 10:36 pm
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Okay, I never answer these, but oh man do I know this one. IT'S THE ONE ELECTRONIC.


Things I did today:

-Defended my sacred honor
-Pulled staples out of a tree
-?... I give up
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First off, The Internet is Full of Good Things, music edition:

Zelda on household objects
Flubber Mountain (there's a download link; find it)
Orchestral "Pork & Beans"

Secondly, I would like to make you all aware of an important thing! Various employees of LJ have united with some other people and been busy the last year or so making Livejournal cooler and calling it Dreamwidth.

Highlights from the bulleted list on this page, which also has many other good things on it:

"Dreamwidth is a code fork of the LiveJournal project, not a LiveJournal clone. While all of the other currently-active LiveJournal clone sites have some level of customization for their users, Dreamwidth is the only site originally based on the LiveJournal codebase that's taking the code and actively making sweeping, radical changes to improve the site's usability, to add new and commonly-requested features, and to change behavior that doesn't make sense to us."

"We are firmly and adamantly anti-advertising in all forms. Not only is it not profitable for a site in the long run, it creates an unpleasant environment of profiteering, where a site sells its users' creative expression to third parties in order to make a profit. We are not in the business of selling your content or access to your content to anyone."

"We are committed to providing the maximum amount of free expression allowable by United States law. We will never place limitations on your free expression just because it makes someone uncomfortable. ... we're committed to handling instances of harassment and unpleasant behavior through technological changes rather than heavy-handed enforcement: we will provide you with as many tools as possible to control your experience on our site." (emphasis mine)

They want money, and I'm going to give it to them. Besides the fact that they seem to be doing a neat thing right, bad omens abound lately, and you can't trust those Russians. They're serious about this. Beta starts in February.
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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa they screwed up the oath of office so badly it was adorable

EDIT: Annnnd scene.


Nov. 1st, 2008 11:39 am
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Driving around the neighborhood earlier this morning, I saw a lot of cars parked around the front of one house. At first I thought it must be some really, really long-running Halloween party, but then I saw a bunch of stuff sitting out on the lawn, like shoes and boxes full of dolls and stuff. Ah, yes, Saturday morning is garage sale time! So I parked in an empty spot and started browsing.

The shoes were kinda boring and okay. Didn't really look at the dolls. A BlackJack II box caught my eye, but it had everything except the phone in it. It even had the sim card. WTF, I thought, I hope you got everything off that first. Not that I get why I'm supposed to want this box full of manuals and installation CDs anyway.

So there was another big cardboard box with office supply-type stuff, which I looked at, and saw that it had a sketchbook in it. More specifically, it had someone's sketchbook in it. I looked, and it had been drawn in already. I thought it might only be the first few pages, but no, every single one was full. I couldn't get my head around it. Are the drawings themselves supposed to be valuable? They're not even good.

Under the sketchbook was another similar sketchbook. Under that was a single issue of some teen magazine. A lot of this, I thought, is just trash. They're just trying to get people to throw their stuff away for them. I got a little indignant. No respect. People don't understand how we do things around here. Adfjrlgjakjhlkf. I finally put the sketchbook down and moved on.

There wasn't much else there. I did see, near the house itself, dozens and dozens of photographs spread out and lying directly on the grass. A man was sitting in a lawn chair with a photo album in his hand, and a stack of others beside him, peeling the pictures out one at a time, with a weak-adhesive-breaking noise, and laying them face up on the ground. A woman, probably the wife, was fixing or straightening them somehow.

This, at last, was too weird. I caught someone's attention, and asked, in my world-famous, gold medal-winning Innocently Confused Voice, "I-is this not a garage sale?"

"No," a teenage daughter explained. "We just had a fire."
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Spent a free day at a nice park last weekend with my brother. We watched butterflies mating, and ducks failing at mating, and stuff like that. But the point is that as we were leaving we crossed paths with a young mom and her 6(?)-year-old kids, and the daughter was running all over the place and kinda on a collision course with us, and when her mom told her "Don't run into the people, sweetheart," a magical thing happened. Her response was:

"They're probably dead!"

That's it. Just as unperturbed as could be. Like, "They won't mind!" It's cool, mom. They're probably dead. I have not been so pleased with something I've heard someone else say in a long time. I vowed to use it in the future to express my lack of concern over wronging someone else in whatever way.

It bugged me that I couldn't imagine what she must have been watching or reading lately that would make her say that-- but now I think it would spoil the magic. So if you know, you can brag that you know, but don't actually tell me.

I aww'd

Sep. 30th, 2008 06:35 am
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So apparently Domo is the new mascot for Target?... And all their decorations are of Domo in different halloween costumes?

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I just remembered what I was going to post the other day:

I was at the mall, poking around/looking for where my possible new workplace was going to be located (ABOUT WHICH MORE LATER!), when I saw... two... little... goth Muslim girls. They were in full-on Hot Topic layered shirts skinny-leg jean mode, and the black headscarves just went so perfectly with the whole ensemble it blew my mind. I'm so glad I didn't have a camera on me because I would have been too tempted to try to get a picture and they would have totally seen me. But do try to picture it.

La la la

Aug. 8th, 2008 10:07 pm
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I have nothing much to say but I haven't posted in ages so I guess I am taking your input! What should the next post be?


Jul. 9th, 2008 12:11 pm
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Oh snap, Rice Boy 2.0 coming soon!



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